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Summer Fun Without Limits, Thanks to our Easy Feel Carrier

I’m a teacher, and I get to stay home with my daughters during the summer months. This summer has been full of back to back adventures around town, as well as vacations to Missouri, Colorado, and Michigan!

Our Easy Feel carrier is always within arms reach, which means that having a one year old hasn’t slowed us down one bit!

Our every day uses for our Easy Feel have been things like grocery shopping, numerous doctor visits, and trips to the park.

There are so many times when a one year old can get down and walk for a bit, but then she is too slow to keep up or just needs to be contained.

There were also a lot of activities on my six year old’s summer bucket list that are hard for my one year old to participate in.

Trips to amusement parks, bowling alleys, mountain climbing, and putt-putt golf were all rescued when my toddler could tag along on my back!

The carrier also made it simple for her to breastfeed and take naps on the go!

I always keep my carrier in the car when I’m not using it. Easy Feel has three great options for storing it. Type A personalities can keep it clean and contained in a cute Easy Feel Stuff Sack (found here for just $10). Type B personalities can just toss it in the car - the fabric is durable and machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about it getting crumpled or dirty!In between personalities can wrap the carrier up and buckle the waist band around it, creating a nice little bundle. 

Don’t let those little legs slow you down! Carry your baby, toddler, or big kid and face your adventures head on!

Sister love!

Jessica Green, #girlmom


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