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How to Clip Your Chest Clip in a Front Carry

One of the most frequently asked question our customers ask is, "How can I clip the chest clip by myself in a back carry? My arms can't reach back that far!"

The simple answer is of course your arms aren't meant to reach back that far! There is a simple and easy way to secure the clip every time by yourself, we promise! 

The first step begins before you even put the carrier on. Make sure the chest clip strap and and shoulder straps are in a loose to neutral position. We recommend that you loosen up the straps each time you use the carrier. You will see why in the following steps!

Before you put the carrier on, pause and take a look at the chest clip. Can you see each piece is attached to shoulder strap?


Can you see that each piece is on a track? You can move each side along the track to find the perfect height placement for your body.

Optimal placement is centered right between your shoulder places. This spot is ideal for your back, as it pulls baby's weight off your shoulders. However, your individual body shape may require it being a bit higher or lower. We suggest trying in the optimal place, then adjusting as needed. 

Once you have the carrier on (waistband secured and tight) and place baby on your body, pull the body panel high over baby's back. 

Put your arms through the shoulder straps---while keeping a hand on baby at all times as you do so.  Now pause! Your first instinct is to tighten your shoulder straps right away, but don't yet! 

When the shoulder straps are loose, the chest clip place high up on your back, usually around the back of your neck. Majority of people can easily reach right there. So, when the clip is up high, you can clip it right there all by yourself! 

Once you clip it, pause! Don't tighten the strap all the away. Look at the shape of your back. It is more narrow at the top of your shoulder blades and widest at the middle. The chest clip will move down as you tighten the shoulder straps, hopefully right into the optimal placement. If you tighten it all the way while it is higher up, it will be too tighten when it moved down. So, just get a little slack out now if you like. 

Now tighten your shoulder straps as needed and feel that chest clip move down your back. Once the shoulder are totally secured, you can make any last minute adjustments to chest clip as needed. 

Now you can clip that chest clip all by yourself with pride!

Fun fact: Do you know why it is called a chest clip when it's on your back? Because modern Soft Structured Carriers were originally intended for back carrying an older child (our carriers are designed and intended for both front and back carries, have no worries). So in a back carry, the clip would be at your chest! The name stuck, even when used for a front carry.

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